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Short Term Contracts

Our 2 - 18 week contracts allow multiple classes to experience our cooking and nutrition curriculum.

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Our short term contracts offer schools the flexibility and freedom in choosing which classes we work with and for how long.

Classroom Kitchen brings the kitchen into your classrooms by providing the resources, ingredients and knowledge to deliver fantastically educational cooking and nutrition sessions. Our cooking curriculum pledges progressive and structured learning from Foundation Stage through to Year 6.

Children will cook every session as well as learn where the food comes from, how it’s grown, reared and processed and the value it has to a healthy, balanced diet. We advise working with each group in 3 to 6 week blocks throughout the year; however, our curriculum and planning can easily be adapted to suit your school’s needs.

Classroom kitchen is fantastic!! The children had a wonderful time with James because it was so fun and hands on. Thank you so much, we can’t wait for our next session.

Miss KirkCorpus Christi Primary School, Leeds

Why choose a short term contract?

It may be that you have a particular class or key stage in mind or that you’d like every class to briefly experience our cooking and nutrition curriculum. A short term contract gives you this choice.

Regular Contracts

What do we include?

With the flexibility of a short term contract, you can choose how many weeks you’d like us to come in for (it doesn’t necessarily have to be a full term).

We usually recommend 2 – 18 weeks of half day sessions. Each session lasts approximately 2 hours regardless of being in the morning or afternoon. With every contract we include a complimentary before or after school club for up to 8 children. This is included for the entirety of the contract. In addition, we provide session booklets and recipe cards (for the children to take home).


Prices below are inclusive of all the ingredients, resources and equipment to provide the service

2 to 12 Weeks

From £135

Per Session
18 Weeks

From £130

Per Session

Prices here are calculated on consideration of 30 children being present in the session.

What Our Teachers Say

Mrs MillerPrimary School Teacher

“James and his classroom kitchen came into my Year 3 class and it was fantastic!! James linked the morning brilliantly to our topic ‘The Victorians’... James was so well equipped, the school didn’t need to provide anything at all. I’m looking forward to James visiting us again. I cannot recommend The Classroom Kitchen enough.”

Mrs MidgleyCorpus Christi Primary School, Leeds

“Great experience for parents and children. James was a delight to have in school- so organised and efficient, no bother at all! Look forward to his return.”

Miss KempCorpus Christi Primary School, Leeds

“The children really enjoyed learning how to make a fruit salad with James using different types of cutting techniques. They can’t wait for our next session!”

Miss KirkCorpus Christi Primary School, Leeds

“Classroom kitchen is fantastic!! The children had a wonderful time with James because it was so fun and hands on. Thank you so much, we can’t wait for our next session.”

Miss PriorSt Anne (Stanley) Primary School, Liverpool

“So much learning goes on in a session along with so much enjoyment. Lessons are very hands on for the children, really well planned and organised.”

After School Clubs

After-school clubs for all ages. Offer your children the chance to cook on a weekly basis!

Topic Experience Days

An exceptionally unique experience tailored to your needs. We offer days for a range of topics…